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I got a little caught up. Granted, it was a Sunday night, so after all two parties were seated there was little else to do but watch the game with everyone else at the bar. In real life, I abhor football. It's a huge waste of time, resources, money, and Faith Hill's voice; all of which go to what, a game?? Moreover, all this nonsense about strategy and plays? Well in the words of Danny in Grease: "Don't make me laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha." Give me a real game, a game of both skill and chance, a game that isn't played in weather below zero, a game where so many players are on steroids that the playing field has been leveled. Give me baseball! But I forgot my dislike of the game and was quickly swept along in a wave of warmth, goodwill, frustration, and ultimately elation. Packers vs. Giants. Such a close game, so many flags on the play (I don't know what that means...). And ok, Brett Favre. Hasn't he been playing this game since I was about... oh yea high? He's gotta be at least 90. He's like the Karl Malone of football. Tonight was fun, but now my football rush is fading into sleepiness. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. ____ Listening to: John Pizzarelli, "I Thought About You."

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La said...

football is fantastic.

flag on the play = penalties. I'd try to explain to you what some of them were but I fear you'll blank stare me, lol

But most importantly... BAR! lol

yay! you're back :-)

jameil1922 said...

lmao @ flags on the play i don't know what that means. hilarious. brett is absolutely the oldest man in america. i keep yelling for him to sit down. been doing it for 2 seasons now. hope he goes ahead and listens. i like football, baseball is fun at the park, BASKETBALL is love.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

do you really like baseball?

i can't.

football, then basketball come feb :-)