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... that is, until he gets into office and starts doing things that piss me off. From Time Magazine (via Daily Kos).

Oh, let's just admit it: John McCain is a long shot. He's got a heroic personal story, and being white has never hurt a presidential candidate, but on paper 2008 just doesn't look like his year. And considering what's happening off paper, it might be time to ask the question the horse-race-loving media are never supposed to ask: Is McCain a no-shot?
Yes. Hillary was the one to beat (remember her?). Now it's Barack's race to lose. It doesn't matter how many thousands of hours CNN and MSNBC waste, trying to prove that John McCain has more than a shot. They want to keep us tuned in. If you follow the numbers, you'll see the horse race is just not that close. Unless you're talking red states, which, of course, is particularly bad for McCain. So Barack will win, because he rocks, and because McCain is everything that's wrong with this country — an old white warhawk. Note: Despite rocking, Obama's made some poor choices (well, smart choices, I guess) that are not exactly favorable with his thinking base. I'm talking about people like me who support him — with words and wallet — but aren't expecting him to walk on water. It's up to us to hold him accountable. We know he's gonna win, so let's worry less about defending him from the press and the GOP, and more about making sure he represents what we want. Anyway, at this point, the Obama I'm interested in is Michelle. I suspect she might effect more change than Barack will when it comes to race. Not through specific actions, but by simply being an around-the-way girl who's rising into the upper echelon of American political life with grace, class, and a strong presence. (JJP documents some recent positive articles on Michelle.)

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