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Ok. Barack Obama was 'presumptuous' when he went to Berlin to give a speech. He was 'presumptuous' because he did the same thing McCain did a few months earlier, which was meet with various world leaders. He was wrong to go to Iraq, even though is what McCain was telling him to do. Soooooo presumptuous. And yet, John McCain, a senator from Arizona, is on the phone every day with the president of Georgia. John McCain, a senator from Arizona, is sending a DAGGONE DIPLOMATIC TEAM TO INTERVENE IN A WAR BETWEEN TWO NATIONS. *ahem* All the while, the effing President of the United States is cooling his heels and pretty much keeping the US out of the conflict. But John McCain isn't presumptuous. And let's all just ignore the fact that McCain's top foreign policy adviser was a lobbyist for Georgia. And here's the thing. I don't remember it being like this. Four years ago, there were plenty of ridiculous charges flying, but Kerry was a lame duck. And the U.S. doesn't elect a new president during wartime. So, fine. But was it always like this? John McCain and his surrogates are straight-up, flat-out lying, and yet the so-called 'liberal media' refuses to call a lie a lie. It's like everyone who has traditional platform is pretending that these things make sense, and I'm the only one who can see the monster on the wing of the plane. (Sorry, I mix metaphors when I'm upset.) But seriously, folks. Is this the Twilight Zone? And another thing. Sen. McCain, I for one, am NOT a Georgian. I'm an American.

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Michael said...

I'm not surprised at how much McCain gets away with, but it makes me no less angry. I can only imagine what would happened if this clown becomes President. He HATES Putin. It's as if he wants to fight him. But he doesn't really want it, and neither do I. I can't stand him. The media needs to get on their dean. Stop worrying about Obama's vacation and do some real work.

the joy said...

Lol I think John Stewart agrees with you. He said he has as much authority as JM, so he's gonna send JJ walker over there.

Also, McCain will be at my job Monday. Thank God I'm off.