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I was compulsively checking Facebook yesterday when it occurred to me that I might have a problem. And when I say "compulsively" I mean sheer-muscle-memory.

And it's not like there was anything new. Sure, a notification here ("so-and-so also commented on such-and-such's photo") or a message there ("you have received a message from random-event-you-weren't-planning-on-attending"); but these were few and far between. Sometimes I'd be halfway through typing the address before I'd realize that's what I was doing, and I'd shake my head, and still press send. Last night at 11:22 pm I was logging on again to the mobile site with my BB and I realized things were getting utterly ridiculous. A ha! I thought. 48 hours without Facebook. The thing is, Facebook is a useful website. I can keep up with friends in California from high school, my people from HU, folks I meet randomly at parties and such, and the people I actually meet on the site. The company has done a great job of integrating real life interactions with the web. In other words, the "cool kids" are just as likely to be found there as the lames and the (forgive me) "n00bs." It's a concept that works. But like any good thing, enough is as good as a feast (this expression being one I heard on Mary Poppins and didn't fully understand for many years). I just need to learn what "enough" is. I've been pretty successful today. I've caught myself a few times typing that "f" into Firefox, but I ended up putting in instead. I know I'm missing stuff, but it'll be there when I sign back on... 27 hours and 2 minutes. ______ Listening to: the band here at the grill. They just covered one of my favorite Harry Connick Jr. covers, "Something You Got."

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