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"Let's go to sleep in Paris, and wake up in Tokyo..."

Since the Barack (I wonder if anyone still calls him Barry? I SO want to!) speech didn't count as a "real post," I'm back. I had a fab night at the Grill. It's the kind of place that makes you want to come in on your off day just so you can enjoy the atmosphere and the people (with a pretty bomb discount!).

I sat with one of the servers who came in with his S.O. and we talked about my full time job, wine, chocolate souffle, teaching, wine, Jay-Z, Beyonce ... and wine. Did I mention it was half-price wine night?


Wait, what was I saying? Oh, right, I'm a wino. ____

Listening to: the water cycle through my fishtank.

2 new thought(s):

jameil1922 said...

wiiiine. he joked that bush calls him rocky which i love and am now stealing!! hilarity!

shani-o said...

hahaha, that's hilarious!