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[Photo and Video from the NYT] Tyra Banks has 275 smiles. Included in the short list of the 7 basic smiles, is the 'someone just gave you a diamond ring and you have no idea why, but you're really excited!' smile. I think that is so hilarious, and also, really sweet. The June 1 issue of the New York Times Magazine covers her, with an in-depth story about Banks, her company, and her hopes and fears and dreams. Tyra catches a lot of flack from all sectors. Some call her cheesy. Some call her a wannabe Oprah. Some call her fat. From the article:

Throughout all these acts of abasement and bravado, Banks seemed, as she always does on “Top Model,” analytically and emotionally invested. As her mother was to her, she is to these girls. “I don’t ask them to do anything that I wasn’t asked to do,” Banks said before the auditions began. “But even if they don’t become models, they have to learn how to be strong. When they give up, or they stop trying, I get so mad. I can never believe it. How can you quit? Life is hard sometimes, but how can you quit?”
I call her unsinkable.

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jameil1922 said...

oh shani. i LOVE the new look!! tyra irritates me a bit but i don't hate on her too hard as long as i don't have to watch her show.

shani-o said...

Thanks, Jam! I was going for something simple and clean, but interesting.

And yeah, I love to hate the ridiculousness of the Tyra show too, but I have much respect for what she's trying to accomplish.

Eb the Celeb said...

I think she has built an amazing brand for herself... just dont always agree with her approach

Yellow Rebel said...

I was looking @ an excerpt over on sickamore's blog--there's this really great quote that she has on power.

speaking of which it's june 1st, i should really just go downstairs and read the article myself