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1. Hillary is playing the waiting game, and so must we. That's it. Barack survived the media-manufactured sturm und drang of the Rev. Wright debacle, to take NC and come pretty close in Indy. Isn't that enough proof that this man is our nominee? I can wait for her to catch up. (Did you see how she loaned herself $6.4 million? And the Obamas are elitist? I tell you, it's Uppity Negro Syndrome!) 2. The Black Snob is killing me right now. Between her Wall of Sexy on flickr, featuring people who I agree are dreadfully sexy, and her hard work at reviving the Black Girl brand ... I'm officially through with her. 3. Hip hop is back. Well, it never really left, but since I've turned off the radio and started checking out sites that have real music (from Okayplayer to the homie Yellow Rebel), I'm going to say it's back. I mean, you've got The Roots killing the game right now, to sorta newbies Kidz in the Hall—who remind me of a more mature, less-rock-oriented Gym Class Heroes. "Drivin' Down The Block" is my new favorite song, and The In Crowd is quite good altogether. Check out the shout-out to HU at 1:45! 4. Busyness. Work-work, sorority work, hanging with friends and the potential (Lauren suggested "TB" as his blogonym, for various reasons, lol), and very little time to breathe. But I'd rather be busy than not busy. As they say, if you're bored, you're probably boring. 5. This is the hundredth post on my (new) blog!

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jameil1922 said...

i just wish billary would stop. 22k votes in indy? that's not gonna cut it. GO SADDOWN!! the wall of sexy is intimidating. 1k pics?!?!?! down w/busyness. tb cuz he has it? that's what i'll assume until told otherwise. i like the sudden breakdown on that song where part of the beat drops out. hoooooot.

CNEL said...

What irks me most are commentators always repeating every 5 minutes "it's an urban area", or "heavy AA population". So? And? Don't assume we all have a monolithic voice cause Obama ain't getting 100% participation, and nor is Hillary.

HaHa I so was like "TB" isn't that a disease. Sorry Shani but that's where my mind goes esp. b/c every week #2 best friend talks to me about what new he learned in med school.

LoL @ "if you're bored, you're probably boring." Not always LoL.

Congrats on # 100.

Yellow Rebel said...

Thanks for the shout Ms. O!

The "Drivin' Down The Block" Remix is my ish. It's like the indie version of your typical southern car song (which is probably why Bun B was featured on the remix).

Someone called them the college version of the Clipse. That's an analogy I'll buy.

The Black Snob said...

Thanks for the shout!

Stay snobby!

Eb the Celeb said...

Congrats on the 100th post!