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Hillary doesn't need to concede; everyone else has done it for her. Bomani Armah lists 10 Moments in Hillaryland that we'd sooner forget, on The Root. Of note is # 8: "From 1+1 to advanced quantum physics, the ever-changing electoral math," or, as I like to call it, her magical math.

"You can take a look at my SAT math scores or my checkbook ledger from last year to realize that I am only adequate in math, but the Hillary campaign changed the x's and y's so much that I think I'm going to stick with my times tables up to 10 from now on. From now on the election equation is calculated by:

big states — small states X Democratic stronghold states — 2/3 of fly-over states — pi of caucus states x 250% of rust belt primary states — states with up to 40% of the Negro population + number of superdelegates who owe you political favors + Puerto Rico and Guam."

(Note, I searched high and low for a truly flattering photo, and eventually gave up and went with her official headshot, available on her website. I will say, she looks quite lovely in it.)

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jameil1922 said...

that is one of the most flattering i've ever seen of her so i say well done on that one. love everyone givin her the holler. i have to im you to tell you what i did today.