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Tonight, after hearing the news that the primaries (and campaign for the nomination) are finally, finally over, I was talking to Joy.

"Yes we can!" she said.

"Yes we DID," I said. "Well, we'll save that for when he gets into the White House."

"Well, for now can we say 'yes we are?'"

"Good transitive!" I said.

In the spirit of realism and remembering challenges yet unfaced... so it shall be written, and so it shall be done.

Yes, we are.

5 new thought(s):

Yellow Rebel said...

::raises right fist (in semblance of blogger pic)::

::lowers head::

La said...

Goooooooooo Debbie Downer! lol

jameil1922 said...

silly! lol. what abt yes i'm is?

shani-o said...

YR- Let 'em know, brotha.

La- whatever. I was tired.

Jam- LOL... can we NOT associate ebonics with the first black president???

the joy said...

Wooo! I'm a post subject! Lmao.