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I've been jamming to Dwele's Sketches of a Man for the last couple of hours. Like most other people, I came to him through 'Ye's "Flashing Lights" (my first favorite cut offa Graduation, and one of my favorite songs of the last year). Sketches is really, really good. Mellow, cool, and jazzy, it's reminiscent of the good part of the (gag) neo-soul movement; you know, Baduizm, Voodoo, and 1st Born Second. Sketches is something of a companion piece to New Amerykah. Though it isn't as funky, it has the same feel to it: warm, revealing, a little funny, and groove-tastic. Dwele even has a Dilla-inspired track, much like Erykah's "The Healer" and "Telephone." He covers Jay Dee's "Workinonit" from the posthumously released Donuts. Dwele's version caught me by surprise; he took Dilla's sliced-up, sped-up, sampled, mash-up (which is featured on my workout playlist) and turned it into a very smooth, very sexy, (and very short, sadly) cut. Dwele: Workin On It - Dwele Dilla: Workinonit - J Dilla I highly recommend Dwele's Sketches of A Man. The best part about it is the lack of corniness which tends to plague R&B albums these days. Even my previous R&B favorite, Raheem Devaughn's Love Behind the Melody suffers from a wee bit of lameness. Go forth and purchase! Previous un-reviews: New Amerykah Rising Down

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Adei von K said...

dwele was in flashing lights?? i keep on hearing that but can't hear him!!

i think most people know him from slum village's "tainted"

dwele has been around for a while. check out his earlier works.

after playing the ish out of raheem, i realized his lyrics are wack.

shani-o said...

Adei- yeah, Dwele sings the hook ("as i recall, i know you love to show iff..."). I'm not so familiar with Slum Village, but I knew he's one of those people who's been in the background for years. Kinda like Akon without the polygamy. And yeah, love Raheem, but the first album was a lot less wack, lyrically.

Video Vix[o]n said...

dwele a cool dude, I haven't heard this album, but i heard another track by him called "Hold On" which was nice. He gives it a new flavor. leave it to Kanye to put people on to him.