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Oh, you guys are great. Thanks for the well-wishes and cold-curing recommendations. I'm feeling mostly better. Sooooo much has been happening in the last week, but here are a few blogworthy things that have been on my mind. 1. Kofi Annan, kicking ass and taking names in Kenya. He's so no-nonsense. I can just imagine the stern look on his face when it looked like the talks were going nowhere. Annan is one of the few people in this world who is actually doing things, not just talking about them. Say what you will about the U.N., but despite the United States' best efforts, diplomacy still has a place in this world. 2. Hillary Clinton. Just, be quiet. As Jozen rightly pointed out, when she was winning, it was all 'people are hating on me because I'm winning, not because I'm a woman.' Now that she's losing, the media is being unfair. You can't have it both ways, lady! 3. Lindsay Lohan. I think I'm officially out of love with Lindsay. She's not that interesting, she's not smart, and she's done nothing to show she has any talent since... oh, 2004. She does have nice breasts, though. 4. My birthday. My birthday is in 10 days. I'm excited. I have friends in their twenties who get depressed every time a birthday rolls around. Why? I love getting older. Every year you get older means you're still alive, and still able to contribute to making the world a better place. Since we get a limited time to do so, why lament the fact that the time itself is short? The heck with that! 5. Clothes. I haven't been shopping in months. I still read GFY and YBF and The Sartorialist regularly. I check out the fashion week(s) coverage on I've discovered that I like fashion, but I hate the industry. I've also gotten less judgmental as I've gotten older. These days, if I see someone in silver boots, I'm more likely to say 'awesome!' than to say, 'um, silver boots? wtf?' True story. 6. Barack Obama. The man is (hopefully) unstoppable. I'm tired of reading descriptions of his "rock concert-like" rallies, though. And someone at the New York Times compared him to a Barcalounger, of all things. But to be quite honest, if loving him is wrong, I don't wanna be right. By the way, I am one of the over ONE MILLION PEOPLE who own the campaign. Take that, take that! 7. Media Matters. In my quest to become a more critical thinker (possibly as an antidote to my Obamaphilia), I've been checking out Media Matters a lot. I wish more people would visit this site. You'd be amazed at how much "truth" in the press is actually completely inaccurate and way off base. 8. Grad school. But, uh, more on that later. ____ Listening to: Van Hunt's On the Jungle Floor

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G.D. said...

why are you mad about the rallies? that's a big part of his appeal.

That 'Yes We Can' stuff.

CNEL said...

Hooray for ur feeling better.

Hooray for getting older. It's crazy to me ppl bitch when they're young, ppl bitch when they old, and they bitch every step during the evolutionary process.

I read Media Matters on occassion and it's often interesting, and does challenge you to see something in another way.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

van hunt can get it.

hill makes me mad. she's ruining it for women.

1. she cries in public. and don't get me wrong, i don't see a problem with crying, but it just seemed like such a woman wiley thing to do. turn on the water works when things get tough. such a girl

2. she's catty!! way to put women on the forefront! saying things like, "A change you can xerox" was it for me. cheap shots make me mad.

jameil1922 said...

kofi's "trick please face" is fab!! billary? ugh. i will never stop lovin linds. that's her prob now. YAY BDAY!!!!! mmmmmmm clothes! its a barack concert!!!!!!! that doesn't bother me. hope i get a ticket!! a lot of the press believes its own press, takes misinfo & runs. drives me insane. glad you're not dead!!

La said...


About that grad school... you too huh?

shani-o said...

G- It's not the rallies that bug me, it's the coverage. But that's to be expected, I suppose.

CNel- Yeah! I can't take it how people wanna complain all the time. Live it up! You only get one shot!

Stace- Yes, and YES!

Jam- Thanks!

Wife- Trying not to think about it, lol.