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"I don't know how somebody who's in second place is offering the vice-presidency to someone who's in first place." Barack Obama. Um, that pretty much says it all. Did anyone else notice that Barack had his relaxed twang going on in Mississippi? And also, the Malcolm X vernacular? "The okey-doke," "bamboozle," "hoodwink." He knows his audience.

5 new thought(s):

La said...


I adore him.

jameil1922 said...

lol. girl i was dying laughing and spreading that gem around the newsroom all day. TOO funny.

The Breaking Point said...

He pretty much shut Saw down by reminding her that she's in second place.

I've seen Obama play to his audience before by changing up his diction and cadence. I didn't like it.

jameil1922 said...

and i'm w/the breaking point on that. just be yourself. that's one thing i don't like about both of them this election. they share that playing to their audience. don't think you need to twang it up w/me b/c i'm southern. esp. you billary. billy is really like that but hills? stop the madness.

shani-o said...

Wife- I know.

LH- "Saw"? WTF. Lol.

And to LH/Jam- well, his playing to the audience doesn't really bother me, because, honestly, don't most educated blacks do that? Maybe you both have more integrity than I do, lol, but I definitely slip into a certain style of speech when I'm talking to my people, rather than when I'm talking to, say, folks at work.

Of course, it's unforgivable when Hillary does it, lol.