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I'm quoting James Taylor today: "Let the rainclouds roll out on the sea, let the sun shine down on me." Today is a great day. So many good things are going on right now (which a stunning turnaround from a week ago when I was thisclose to crying in my beer). 1. I got my iPod replaced. I bought a 5G iPod in late 2006. In April of 2007, it died. I went to the Apple store and bought the two-year warranty so that they could replace my iPod. The next day, the replacement had hard drive failure. A year later, still under warranty, and after many abortive attempts at making it to the Apple store that's forty minutes away (and once showing up on a Monday and discovering that they were all booked, like, WTF?) I finally got a new one. It hasn't failed ... yet ... and I forgot how great it was having access to 6000 songs in my car. 2. Today was the first sunny and warm day of the year. It's 73 degrees out... which is perfect driving-while-listening-to-Belle-and-Sebastian-weather. I even messaged Lauren to tell her how excited I was about the imminence of the left-arm tan. 3. I maybe kinda sorta like someone (that's all you get). 4. Work is keeping me busy and I feel very fulfilled, career-wise. 5. Did I mention my iPod? 6. Jay and Bey STILL haven't confirmed their marriage. I LOVE that. Keeps the mystery alive. And then, this morning, I came across my favoritest blog post of the year, maybe. It's from the Secret Council of American Negroes ("yes, the one your white friends keep asking about") and it's a list of 50 things black people should boycott. My favorite? 28. Clothing designers. (Because these pants don't fit.) Seriously. That post just told my life story.

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jameil1922 said...

lmao @ b/c pants don't fit! oooh ipod!!! yesss!! 6000 songs is like a million to me. that is insanity. mmmm its supposed to be 78 today! can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

These new businesses are never close to home. There are certain franchises we need in every neighborhood: Apple Store, Chick-Fil-A, and Chipotle.

Chick-fil-A should have the constitutional authority to commandeer any McDonald’s location.