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I have the misfortune of being the child of a woman who was born on May 10. That means that my mother's birthday often falls just before or after, if not on, Mother's Day. This wasn't so much of an issue when she lived in Jamaica, but since we're in America, and she's been spoiled by our land of freedom, it's expected that I get her both a birthday and a Mother's Day gift. That was kind of bratty. But you try dealing with a woman who calls to ask whether you're coming home for Mother's Day ("uh, no... you live 3,000 miles away, and I'm a struggling young person"), and then wants to know what you're getting her for the dual-holiday. I messaged my sister on GTalk to ask her what she was getting our lovely matriarch. "I'm taking her to brunch." Blast! It was so much easier when my sister lived in Jamaica, because she never got my mom anything, which made me look pretty rosy with two $5 cards. But now that she has returned to California, I clearly have to step my game up. Here's what I'm thinking. Flowers for her birthday and a gift card to Macy's for Mother's Day. I know, it's really bad and impersonal, but the woman is impossible to shop for. Stop judging me. Fine. What do you suggest, huh?

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CNEL said...

Your gift ideas are fine just think about a written note or better yet record one in your own voice, which she can play over and over when you're far away.

jameil1922 said...

i think the voice thing cnel said is fab. my mom loves saving my msgs. my grandma's bday is may 4th. luckily she's OVERJOYED w/2 cards & phone calls.

La said...

I know your mother. Those gifts will do, lol.

After all she does think you're 24. And isn't that how 24 year olds shop for their parent's birthdays?

The handwritten note thing is a nice touch.

But what on earth would you say that you wouldn't say in a card with the gift certificate?

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

your mom sounds like mine. except, she wants something for MY birthday on the years it falls on mom's day.

1969 said...

Your mom shares a birthday with my youngest son. I like to think of him as my little mother's day present. LOL

Your gifts sound fine. I would take all of em :)

Miss B said...

Girl your gift ideas sound like mine!!! I think they are very nice...she should like them!!

shani-o said...

CNel - that's IS a good idea.

Jam - see, that's how grandmas are... they appreciate the little things.

Wife - gooood point.

Stace - hahaha, your mom is AWESOME.

Soror 1969 - aww, happy birthday to your little one. And thanks for the reassurance!

Soror Miss B - lol, thanks! She better!