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Today was rough.

I'm only posting today in the interest of blogging semi-regularly.

It's the busy season at work, and on top of that, the person who usually does traffic control on our jobs left NJ for sunnier climes. This means that on top of having 3 times as much work to do, I have to do more work on each job -- talking to vendors and printers, visiting clients in person, and scheduling everything (so that I have enough time to get stuff done, and clients get what they want in time for their oh-so-pressing deadlines).

I'm whining today, but bear with me. I've decided that Monday is my day of rest from the gym, and in a few I'm going to meet some former co-workers from The Grill for dinner. Time to unwind!

(Did I mention I quit my hostess gig? Liberation!!!!!)

3 new thought(s):

the joy said...

Why'd you quit the hostess job(as if I need to ask)? And what the hell do you do child?

La said...

Sunday is my general off day. And doesn't it feel nice to not have to rush from one job to the other? Church says amen.

jameil1922 said...

AMEN! free!!! and hug. *end scene*