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... You can afford to donate. Heck, if you have an extra $5 lying around — and you're a Barack Obama supporter — you can afford to donate. May was not a great fund raising month for the Obama campaign. They only raised $22 million ("only" being a relative term, of course). I suspect it was because in May, it was clear he had the nomination locked up, so people didn't feel pressed to donate. We still have a general election coming up, people. Don't believe the hype about McCain not getting the backing from conservatives that Republicans usually enjoy. The GOP is a well-oiled fund raising machine. Bonus: if you donate $30, you get an exclusive t-shirt that's not for sale in the Barack Obama store. AND, if you see something cool in the store (and there's lots of cool stuff), the proceeds from whatever U.S.-made item you buy go directly to the campaign. Or, you could buy a shirt or hoodie from Barack the Vote, and 25% of the proceeds will go to the campaign; but that probably won't be counted for June. So really, there's no excuse. Go!!

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jameil1922 said...

what's the shirt look like?