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The Times features a rather fluffy and romantic piece about the political foibles of California's first family. Arnold Schwarzenegger — who is actually a pretty good governor — supports McCain, while his spouse, Kennedy legacy Maria Shriver, reps Obama. The story gets a bit cutesy at times...

The lawn of their Brentwood home has dueling campaign signs. The breakfast table has become a casual debating society. Ms. Shriver is even threatening to bring a life-size cutout of her preferred candidate into the house, something the governor has seen her do in other elections. “When one of the candidates screws up,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said of the cutouts, “the kids carry them outside.”

The four Schwarzenegger children — who range in age from 10 to 18 — have already taken sides, though only one of them, Katherine, is actually old enough to vote. She favors Mr. Obama.

Advantage, Ms. Shriver.

... but there's a dearth of California news out here on East Coast (unless there's a wildfire or landslide), so I'm sharing it with you. Below, video from the February rally in which Shriver announced her support — in a rather breathless and inspired speech — of Barack Obama.

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CNEL said...

Maria and The Governor, folks like Mary Matalin and James Carville fascinate me. It just makes me curious as to how you balance your philosophies and the realities of life. But then again it could be proof positive that love overcomes all.