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"Pretty pink, baby blue; why don't ya teach me something new?"

Things I hate about boys:

1. They never call when they say they will.
2. They don't understand the difference between true intimacy and sex.
3. They care what their boys think.
4. They either don't care about clothes, or care entirely too much.
5. They don't pay their bills on time.
6. They don't pay attention to the world around them.
7. They don't know what women want, and they don't know to ask.
8. They don't know how to pick out a decent bottle of wine.
9. They think external attractiveness matters more than whether or not the chick is crazy.
10. They don't cook.

Incidentally, these are also the same things I hate about girls; just switch the pronouns where appropriate.

I'll take a grown man, please.

Listening to: "Help Yourself," Amy Winehouse

5 new thought(s):

the joy said...

Look who's back and posting all the d-damn time! Boys are stupid! And girls aren't so bright either. Add me on facebook!

La said...

people blow.


Except you wife!

"I understand you Regina! Talk to me!!!!"

X Factor said...

I concur. But beware of the grown men as well... they blow harder **snicker**

shani-o said...

Yoj - I know, right! I'm hopefully going to post every damn day... so get ready for my briliiance!

Wife - yes. ("I have a FIFTH sense. My boobs can always tell when it's gonna rain. Well... they can tell when it's already raining.")

X - yeah... true. :-(

jameil1922 said...

lmao @ x. people are so unstable. so so unstable. even if they do all those things on your list sometimes they're still not worthy of your attention. life is such a crapshoot.